PAST PERFORMANCES and teaching experience

Dr. Ross's extensive background in performance history and praxis spans several decades. She studied the Sufi (mystical Islamic) mask performance (topeng) with Dasih binti Wentar in Java, Indonesia. She also trained with Spalding Gray and Elizabeth LeCompte (Wooster Group) at New York University’s Experimental Theatre Wing. Laurie studied mask making with Uwe Krieger and movement theatre with Mel Gordon and Leonard Pitt. She has taught, directed, choreographed, and performed in Austria, Germany, Canada, Indonesia, and throughout the United States.



Akademi Seni Tari Indonesia, Bandung, West Java

Atrium at Citicorp Center, New York City

Chicago International Art Exposition

College for Creative Studies, Detroit

Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Detroit Institute of Arts

Hochschule der Künste Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin), Germany

Kulturforum der Universtät Bonn, Germany

La Mama, E.T.C., New York City

Performance Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan

PBS, WNET, New York

Prop Theater, Chicago

Spectrum, Villach, Austria

Toledo Museum of Art

United Nations

Pulse.  Photos by Eric R. Smith.

Pulse. Photos by Eric R. Smith.


From a minimum of movement Ross derives maximum expression.”
General-Anzeiger, Germany
Ross’ performance must have been the highlight of the series…to see [her] noiselessly lay down and retrieve objects heightens our appreciation of sound. The performance can be compared to a Japanese tea ceremony where the scraping of utensils or the sound of pouring water become integral parts of the whole ritual experience…..[Her] choice of a neutral mask leaves all expression to her mastery of body language.”
Detroit Focus Quarterly
[Ross’s] pure aesthetic of stillness was potently communicated.”
Kleine Zeitung, Austria
[During her lecture] Ross demonstrated a strong, extroverted character type with a red devilish mask from Java, and next an introverted man with a large, swollen, deformed face. Her skill was clear when a frightened child in the audience shouted [to the deformed masked character] “It’s okay, take the mask off!”
Bonner Rundschau, Germany