Glocal Matters Research

Glocal Matters is open in the Catskills! Dedicated to trans-regional research in the humanities and social sciences, we offer lectures and workshops on a variety of subjects constellated around aesthetics in religion, emotions, visual and material culture, and performance in Asia, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Empire—emphasizing the Global South. We are further dedicated to local and global compassion-building programs for teachers and students (pre-school to Academe), providing empathy-expanding techniques to work through bullying and academic mobbing.


Dr. Ross is delighted to appear in Eric Christianson’s new documentary, unMasking Hope, which examines trauma and the shame and pain associated with it. Laurie discusses how masks function across cultures, their healing properties, and their use in the classroom. The documentary will air on PBS. Stay tuned for more information!

oriental Ceramic Society, london

Laurie looks forward to sharing her new research on inter-Asian aesthetics at the Oriental Ceramic Society on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. Her lecture, “Visualizing the Silk Road: Integrating Commerce and Aesthetics,” explores how artisans intuited, adapted, and transformed Hindu-Buddhist and Islamic iconography into a distinctively local aesthetic in late colonial Java.