Dr. Ross has taught in a variety of settings: from pre-school through graduate school. She also works closely with educators, mental health professionals, at-risk populations, and performing artists. She currently lectures and offers workshops on:

Psychology of the Face

Empathy-Building Exercises for Organizations

Mask Use in Therapy and the Classroom

Visual Culture in the Islamicate World

Masks and Masking in South and Southeast Asia

Global Literacy in the Arts

Psychology and Theatre

Transregional Islam and Sufism

Transformation of the Sufi Orders in Southeast Asia

Ritual, Play, and Performance

Mask Training for Actors and Dancers


Cornell University, New York

FAR Institute, Michigan

Gibson School for Gifted Children, Michigan

Hochschule der Künste Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin) Berlin, Germany

Hochschule der Musik und Theater, Hannover, Germany

International Institute, Detroit, Michigan

Internationale Tanzwerkstatt Bonn, Bonn, Germany

JARC, Michigan

New York University

Rubin Museum of Art, New York City

Stanford University, Stanford, California

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

The Topeng Workshop, Detroit

University of California, Berkeley

University of Michigan, Dearborn

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut